• Industry is investing significantly and will continue to do so into these regions and its future looks bright. A continuing focus will be balancing the economic, social and environmental needs of the regions, plus host a major part in the decarbonisation of the economy, as well as uniting the myriads of opportunities for enabling industries and other services.
  • Establishing a unified voice for the Mid West and Gascoyne region to streamline engagement efforts.
  • Sharing collective information and knowledge to serve the best interests of both areas.
  • Introducing a comprehensive industry vision/plan for the Mid-West and Gascoyne regions.
  • Facilitating discussions on sharing infrastructure advantages to kickstart projects with reduced costs and delays.
  • Addressing challenges related to workforce, housing, supply chains, and local content availability.
  • Advocating for social acceptance from an industry standpoint, highlighting social, economic, and environmental benefits through decarbonizing the economy.
  • Offering insights into the economic significance of the regions locally, in Western Australia, and nationally.
  • Fostering a positive, inclusive, and sustainable environment that encourages diverse businesses to thrive.
  • Empower the diverse industries of the Mid West and Gascoyne regions through inclusive collaboration, advocacy, and innovative solutions.
  • Driving sustainable growth and prosperity for all stakeholders, representing a diverse range of sectors including energy, transport, logistics, construction, planning, technology, trades, manufacturing, government agencies, academia and other stakeholders.


  • Staff that are passionate about the development of the Midwest and Gascoyne regions
  • Collaborative Strength
  • Industry specific Events and forums
  • Access to communication newsletters, podcasts, political updates
  • Direct Channel to local, state and federal government representatives (political Influence)
  • Round Table Meetings with Key stakeholders
  • Community Engagement
  • Site Tours
  • Investment Opportunities